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In life, everything is about perspective. Every single object, thing and event has multiple angles or point of view. However; most of the time, we'll see thing through the lens of our own belief system. Most of us have the tendency of looking for things that confirm our belief while ignoring what disprove it. That's called "confirmation bias" and most of us are guilty of it at some point in our lives.

Now, imagine what it would be like if when we encounter a problem or circumstance, we try to look at it with an "objective" mind? Not trying to proof or disproof anything but simply listening with full attention, just as an observer, or like an innocent child who is hearing something like this for the very first time.

Imagine, being that present? Listening without interruptions, or without our own agenda. Not trying to fix anything, but simply being present and paying attention to the words and the emotions being expressed by the person who is speaking. 

How would that conversation go? How would the other person feel when realizing that level of presence? Imagine what would that do to our relationships if we could practice that just a bit more often? Just something to ponder...

Muriell Carlisle, LMHC, RAS, CHT.



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