• What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by placing one's full awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and experiences without judgment.

    What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

    To mention a few...


    Stress reduction

    Anxiety reduction

    Improved memory

    Reduced rumination

    Improved attention span

    Less emotional reactivity

    More cognitive flexibility

    Relationship satisfaction

    Lower blood pressure

    Reduce chronic pain

    Improved sleep

  • Individual & small group training (10-15 people)

    You will get...

    1 hour live training for 4 weeks​

    Learn practical mindfulness techniques you can apply at home, work and on every daily situation.

    Receive 4 week homework material

    Further your skills, improve your emotional intelligence and track your progress with self-paced material exercises. You can eve share them with family & friends!

    Receive 4 audio of guided mindfulness meditation so you can practice on your own.

    Only for $35.00 per week!

    This is where quality meet affordability! I strongly believe mental health and self-improvement tools should be affordable. Why? Because the more people we get on board, the better chances we have to slowly improve our lives and our society in general.

    Individual training is $135 per hour.

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